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Roy Court, Entrance. Building Services provided by Urban Trend.


Description:  This custom designed remodel displays seamless fusion of existing and new design. The design goals were multi-faceted. The first of these goals was to consider and implement a design that paid homage to the well maintained exterior but update and invigorate the tired interior. The second goal was to address the shortcomings of this originally standard project home, which was situated on a corner block, but lacked cohesion between the view to the western side of the home and the pool to the eastern side of the home. This lack of cohesion was further complicated by the natural fall of 9m across the block

The result; a home that had outgrown its family, is now renewed and will continue to service their needs now and into the future.

Project Year:   2015

Project Cost:   Home Renovation/Remodelling Project $276,000 – $575,000

Awards: Queensland Master Builders Housing Awards Winner (Regional) – Home Renovation/Remodelling $276,000 to $575,000